Watch Siobhan at Festival Oriental Impressions 2018!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope those of you in the Northern hemisphere are keeping warm, and that those of you in the Southern hemisphere are starting to get some more sun!

As many of you know, this year I made the big move to the Netherlands from Montréal, Canada. I have to admit, one of the things that made me most sad about leaving Montréal was leaving the vibrant, thriving, and high-level dance scene.

However, I’m really excited to be getting involved in the Dutch dance scene, and I’ve been so pleased to find that dancers here are friendly, welcoming, and warm! 😀

I had a great time getting to meet a whole lot of dance students, performers and teachers last month at Festival Oriental Impressions, and it was great to chat and watch everyone dance!

I performed a piece that Leyana and I choreographed as a duet for my leaving hafla in Montréal – so it’s a nice little nod to my Montréal dance life while embracing the new dance scene here in the Netherlands. 😉


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