6 Week Challenge

6 Week Fitness Challenge for Belly Dancers

The arrival of a global pandemic has interrupted most of our routines. Working from home, reduced access to gyms and dance studios; we’ve all had to accept some changes!

I know that building a consistent exercise habit isn’t always easy at the best of times, let alone during a pandemic. But I want to help you make it easier and more fun to create the strength you need to be the dancer you want!

That’s why I’m offering Dance Strong: A 6 Week Online Fitness Challenge for Belly Dancers! I am SO excited for this!

The second edition of this challenge starts January 18th, 2021 and runs until February 28. Let’s start the year strong!

What you’ll get:

  • Accountability and community⁠
  • Weekly live & pre-recorded classes designed with belly dancers in mind⁠
  • Prizes and rewards!⁠

All led by Siobhan Camille, an exercise scientist and strength & conditioning coach with over a decade of experience (who just happens to be a professional belly dancer!)⁠

Who is this for?

This challenge is designed to be accessible and achievable. The strength components of the classes are designed specifically with belly dancers in mind, to keep us strong enough to meet the demands of our dance, and prevent injury.

Dancers of all fitness levels will be able to benefit from this challenge; there are extra levels if you want to make it tougher, and plenty of options to modify if you’re just starting out!

Registration details

Ready to join a community of dancers and cheer each other on throughout this fitness challenge? Register below!

6 Week Challenge

Join the challenge, team! You’ll have access to the private Facebook group, pre-recorded videos, live weekly classes, and the chance to win some prizes for passing certain milestones in the challenge! You’ll also receive a suggested schedule to help you start to build the habit of integrating strength and conditioning exercises into your lifestyle (without burning out!). Both live and pre-recorded classes will remain available for 3 weeks after the challenge ends.

€99,00 before 23:59 January 11, 2021 – €115,00 thereafter.

Challenge + Personalised program

Get a tailor-made, personalised schedule and program to go along with the challenge – just for you! We’ll start off with a 60 minute consultation call via Zoom. You’ll then receive a schedule and program customised to your level and goals, plus everything in the challenge program! You’ll also have a 30 minute private consultation call after the challenge to discuss your progress, and how to modify moving forward.

€240,00 before 23:59 January 4, 2021 – €260,00 thereafter (Registration for this option closes 23:59 January 11, 2020)

Are you in? The challenge starts January 18th, 2021. Register to join us now!


When will the live classes be held?

The live classes will be held on a Wednesday evening at 19:45 in the Amsterdam/Paris/Berlin timezone (morning or lunchtime for most of our North American dancers, morning on the following day for New Zealand dancers; convert that to your timezone here). Can’t make the live class? No worries! You’ll get a recording, plus so many other resources to help you stay accountable! This is about helping you build a regular fitness habit to supplement your dancing, so you won’t be alone!

How long are the live classes, and how long are the pre-recorded classes?

The pre-recorded classes vary between 15-30 minutes in length. The weekly live classes are between 30-45 minutes in length. There are also weekly bonus activities that are pretty short and easy to fit into your routine!

Will we be dancing in the classes?

This is a fitness challenge for belly dancers. The focus of the classes will be on improving our general strength and aerobic fitness to make us stronger, better dancers, and to help prevent injuries. However, there will be some dance bonuses along the way if you hit some milestones in the challenge!

I have an injury. Can I still join?

Absolutely. Siobhan Camille is very used to offering modifications and different options for dancers of varying fitness levels or to accommodate injuries. If you’re really unsure, feel free to contact Siobhan Camille with any questions, or consider upgrading to a personalised program.

How many times per week are we expected to work out?

If you’re in the regular challenge, the suggested schedule is 3 workouts per week (2 pre-recorded, 1 live) plus and optional bonus activity. You score points for each workout you complete, which earns you cool prizes! If you’ve opted to upgrade to a personalised program for the challenge, the schedule is completely tailored to your life and your needs.

Have another question?

Get in touch with Siobhan Camille here!