About Greenstone Belly Dance
Greenstone Belly Dance is a dance and entertainment company based in Delft, the Netherlands. Our passion is sharing the art of belly dance through performances, classes and workshops to help others learn more about Middle Eastern culture and dance, and to help others discover their own strength and confidence through engaging in movement. Greenstone Belly Dance is een dans- en entertainmentgezelschap gevestigd in Delft, Nederland.
Our vision for classes is to create a safe, stress-free space, where all participants are encouraged and uplifted. Siobhan Camille is the director of Greenstone Belly Dance. Siobhan strives to help her students reach their dance goals, be it fitness, fun, or furthering of dance skills.

Siobhan's performance style has been described as cheeky and fun. Book her to add some dynamic belly dance entertainment to your event in the Netherlands!

About Siobhan Camille
An expressive and engaging performer, Siobhan has performed and taught belly dance across North America, Australasia and Europe. She is currently based in Delft, the Netherlands.Siobhan has taught and performed across North America, Australasia and Europe. She successfully auditioned to perform with Mira Betz’ Mirapiece Theater in New York in 2016, and was an invited Panel speaker at Yasmina Ramzy’s 2017 Bellydance Blossom Festival. Her love of music is equaled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match.

Drawing on her background in exercise science and extensive experience in the exercise industry, Siobhan emphasises safe dance technique and teaches students how to ‘find’ and activate muscles to create crisp, clear technique and well-defined movement.

Siobhan’s background is primarily in Egyptian style belly dance, and she credits Aziza, The Ruby Lady and Karim Nagi as some of her most influential teachers. Siobhan also undertook dance studies at university and has a love for contemporary dance that encouraged her to study with contemporary fusion dancers such as Mira Betz and Ashley Lopez.

Why “Greenstone” Belly Dance?
Greenstone Belly Dance was founded by Siobhan, an exercise scientist and strength and conditioning coach turned belly dancer. As the primary teacher and choreographer for Greenstone Belly Dance, she knew she needed a company name that signified the strength and confidence she found through movement, but still incorporated the femininity she expressed in her dance style. Hailing from New Zealand, Siobhan found inspiration in her home country’s native greenstone; a strong rock that is difficult to break, but still able to be carved and moulded; a thing of undeniable strength and elegant beauty.