Class and Level Descriptions

Belly Dance Classes in Delft and online!

Do you want to learn something new, step out of your comfort zone, get in touch with your core muscles and have a whole lot of fun doing it? Or maybe you’re a dancer with a few hip drops under her coin belt, and you’d like to take your technique and performance skills to the next level? Come and learn belly dance at one of our group classes!

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Beginner Class Details

If you like learning new things, if you’re looking to strengthen your body, and if you want to step out of your comfort zone – you’ll love belly dance!You’ll learn how to access and isolate muscles around the hips and torso to create both soft, fluid movements, and stunning sharp hits and locks.

This course covers both technique and choreography chunks, to give you a technical grounding that can be transferred to any belly dance style, and to get you up and dancing straight away.

Intermediate/Advanced Class Details

This class is designed for belly dancers with a minimum of 18 months continuous belly dance experience under their coin belts. We’ll be working on layering, advanced techniques, musicality, emotional expression, and combinations each class to put it all into practice!

Open-Level Class Details

This class is designed for belly dancers of all levels of belly dance experience, but we do recommend you have at least 2 months continous belly dance experience, and that you’re ready to be challenged! In these classes, we cover technique that is familiar to most levels, as well as encountering some technique that may be challenging for all levels. In open-level classes, we often dive into some special cultural, musical, and historical topics that we might not have the time to cover in a regular class. Get ready to expand your dance vocabulary and think more deeply about Middle Eastern Dance!

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