Belly Dance Classes in Hillegersberg and Delft
Do you want to learn something new, step out of your comfort zone, get in touch with your core muscles and have a whole lot of fun doing it? Come and learn belly dance at one of our group classes in Hillegersberg or Delft!

To register for one of our free trial classes in Delft or Hillegersberg (Rotterdam), or to sign up for the full course, fill out the form here.

If you’ve got any questions, contact us here.      We geven buikdanslessen in Delft en Rotterdam!
Whether you’re brand new to belly dance (or new to dance in general), or you’ve got a few hip drops under your coin belt, there’s something on offer for you with Greenstone Belly Dance! Buikdanslessen vinden plaats in Delft met Greenstone Belly Dance!

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We look forward to shimmying with you!
The Details
What: Belly Dance Classes with Siobhan Camille of Greenstone Belly Dance
Where: Buurthuis de Wending, Delft and Studio Hillegersberg, Rotterdam
When: 19:00 Mondays in Delft, 17:45 Tuesdays in Hillegersberg, Rotterdam
Cost: Free in the week of January 21! For the full 9-week session (Jan 28 onwards), €121.50 regular, €108 student/unwaged. Jan 28 – Mar 25.
Register: Fill out the registration form for the free try-out classes, or to register for the full session. 
Class Details
If you like learning new things, if you’re looking to strengthen your body, and if you want to step out of your comfort zone – you’ll love belly dance!
You’ll learn how to access and isolate muscles around the hips and torso to create both soft, fluid movements, and stunning sharp hits and locks.

This course covers both technique and choreography, to give you a technical grounding that can be transferred to any belly dance style, and to get you up and dancing straight away.

Greenstone Belly Dance Weekly Classes in Delft and Rotterdam

Drop-in Belly Dance Group Class (incl. Paypal fees)

Admission for 1 person to 1 belly dance group class. Open-level class, beginners most welcome. Class locations (Mondays) are in the centre of Delft, close to Delft Station and (Tuesdays) are in Hillegersberg (Studio Hillegersberg).


Greenstone Belly Dance Class Testimonials

“Whether you are a beginner in oriental dance or an experienced performer or anything in between, I highly recommend Siobhan as a teacher. Her technique is excellent, her class structure and instruction is easy to follow, her choreographies are rich, and she is exceptionally warm, energetic and patient with her students. If you have questions about technique, alignment or posture she is well-qualified to help you make sure you are moving safely. I also really enjoy her selection of traditional/folkloric bellydance music, and how she guides her students in interpreting the nuances of meaning and emotion in the songs. In short, Siobhan has everything I could wish for in a dance teacher.”
– Group Lesson Student, Montréal, Canada

“Siobhan is an excellent belly dance teacher. She is bubbly and engaging in her delivery and has a background in exercise science to ensure everyone’s inclusion and safety. She describes many ways into moves and makes beautiful choreography. Take a class with her. I loved mine.” 
– Paige, Group Lesson Student, Montréal, Canada

About Greenstone Belly Dance

Siobhan Camille is the director of Greenstone Belly Dance, a dance and entertainment company based in Delft, the Netherlands. Her vision is to create a safe, stress-free space for her classes where all participants are encouraged and uplifted. Siobhan strives to help her students reach their dance goals, whether they be for fitness, fun, learning about Middle Eastern culture, or furthering their dance skills.

Siobhan of Greenstone Belly Dance offers exquisite belly dance performances & engaging dance classes across Holland.