Dance Strong

Strength and Conditioning for Belly Dancers

Dance allows us an outlet to express ourselves whilst keeping active at the same time. However, too often as dancers we spend all our time loving the dance, and neglecting to maintain the condition and strength of our bodies to keep up with our graceful, strong, and at times athletic movements. To that end, Siobhan Camille of Greenstone Belly Dance is excited to offer Dance Strong: Personalised Strength & Conditioning Programs for Dancers, and Weekly Online Strength & Mobility Classes for Dancers.

Siobhan Camille takes a particular interest in the health, strength and performance of dancers, as she is not only a professional belly dancer, but also an exercise scientist. She conducted the first ever peer-reviewed scientific research concerning injury incidence in belly dancers, and is a Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach with a decade of experience.

She’s worked with everyone from top-level athletes, to patients with low back pain, to professional dancers, to individuals with cancer and chronic lung diseases. Her expertise lies in injury prevention and rehabilitation, and enhanced athletic performance. Siobhan is available to teach workshops at festivals across Europe and internationally, and writes personalised strength & conditioning and/or rehabilitation programs for dancers of all levels.

Looking to enhance your dance? Start with tuning up your instrument – your body. Get in touch with Siobhan today to talk about personalised exercise or rehabilitation programs.