Upcoming Events (2021 & 2022)

October 2, 2021: The Musical Space: Workshop & Hafla

Yes! We are thrilled to be organising our first in-person workshop and hafla event since March 2020! Join us on Saturday October 2 in Rotterdam for the Musical Space Workshop & Hafla for Belly Dancers!

The Musical Space: Musicality workshop & hafla for belly dancers in Rotterdam. Featuring Eszter-Maura (HU/BE) and Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL)

Places are strictly limited due to the current COVID-19 situation. If regulations allow, more spaces will be added at a later date. Join us in this intimate workshop day for a chance to delve deeper into musicality and enhance your dance!

What is the Musical Space?

The Musical Space is an intensive, boutique workshop event with limited spaces to allow us to go deep into musicality for dancers!

If you’ve ever heard the quote from Jean Michel Basquiat “Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time”, you know that with dance, we do both.

In the Musical Space workshop, we will explore the various layers of music and how they can influence the rhythm and patterns of movement (“time”) as well as movement choice and quality (“space”) in our dance.

This approach will help you with movement layering, embodying various musical elements and making intentional musical choices in your dance; all of which will make you a mesmerising performer, and help you truly embody the music.

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Who are your teachers?

Siobhan Camille is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance. Her love of music is equalled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match.

She grew up listening to a huge variety of music, and her early immersion in kapa haka (traditional Māori performing arts) played a role for her love of music and movement. Siobhan approaches new songs with an almost obsessive fervor; when she is choreographing to a new piece, she listens over, and over, and over, and over! She particularly loves complex classical and modern Arabic pieces, and each listen reveals a new detail.

Siobhan is a firm believer that technique is fluid in dance. She believes we can choose to change the quality of our movement (and even the driving force of movements in a biomechanical sense) to better reflect the music we are hearing.

Eszter-Maura is an award-winning dancer with extensive experience performing and working with live bands.

She grew up surrounded by Western classical music: She played the piano, sang in choirs, and was a regular at the opera and the concert hall since before she can quite recall! Playing music not only required a deep understanding of the music she worked with, but also a strong imagination: you would be surprised how much imagery goes into an expressively played classical piece.

Eszter-Maura brings this dual – analytic and visual – approach to her dance as well: if dance is music made visible, it is necessary to understand the music we work with to be able to flow with it, as well as to visualise the music within the body and in the surrounding space.


Saturday October 2, 2021

10:45: Venue opens for arrival and registration

11:00-13:00: The Musical Space Workshop with Eszter Maura and Siobhan Camille: Part 1 (2 hours)

13:00-14:00: Lunch break (we will have some snacks on the premises and there are some lunch shops and a supermarket in walking distance)

14:00-16:00: The Musical Space Workshop with Eszter Maura and Siobhan Camille: Part 2 (2 hours)

16:00-19:00: Hafla prep and chill time

19:00-21:00 Hafla time! Performances from your teachers and fellow workshop participants, time for free dancing, and hanging out!

The workshop and hafla takes place at Foundation Tangoschool Cuartito Azul, Schoterbosstraat 17, 3032 CN Rotterdam. 

We will comply with all relevant governmental regulations regarding COVID-19. Please stay home if you are sick at all.  

In the event that we are not allowed to host the workshop and hafla in person, we will revert to an online event (with a full professional audio-visual set up). But we are crossing our fingers for a chance to dance together in an intimate group this October!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here!

August 1-7, 2022: Workshops at Aziza’s Endeavor Bellydance Dreamcamp in Quebec, Canada

Siobhan Camille has been invited by Aziza of Montreal to teach at the 2022 Endeavor Dreamcamp from August 1 until August 7. Siobhan Camille is honoured to be teaching alongside the stellar headliners Michelle Sorensen, David Abraham, and Aziza herself. Siobhan will be teaching two short workshops related to Safe Dance Practice for belly dancers.

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