Upcoming Events (2020)

Online Interactive Lecture & Workshop: Safe Dance Practice: Injury Prevention for Belly Dancers

Belly dance allows us an outlet to express ourselves whilst keeping active at the same time. To keep up with our graceful, strong, and athletic movements, it is very important to maintain the condition of our bodies. As dance teachers, we want to ensure that we can perform our job to the best of our ability and as safely as possible. Additionally, when coaching our students, we want to be confident that we are providing a space for them to push their physical limits safely.

In this online lecture/workshop, we’ll be covering:

  • What we know about injury in (belly) dance according to current scientific research
  • How to structure warm-ups and, cool-downs and general classes for optimal performance and injury prevention
  • A selection of specific strengthening, conditioning and mobility exercises for you and your students to help compensate for the athletic requirements of our dance form
  • Technique “yellow flags” and pointers; what technique aspects may need immediate addressing to help keep our students safe
  • If time allows, Q&A / discussion time

Please bring: A yoga mat if you are uncomfortable sitting/lying on the floor, water bottle, pen and paper for notes. This lecture/workshop will be conducted via Zoom.

Registration information coming soon.

Online Workshops & Hafla featuring a Special International Guest

December 5, 2020. Details and registration info coming soon.

Upcoming Events (2021)

Workshop at Aziza’s Endeavor Bellydance Dreamcamp in Quebec, Canada

Siobhan Camille has been invited by Aziza of Montreal to teach at the 2021 Endeavor Dreamcamp from August 2 until August 8. Siobhan Camille is honoured to be teaching alongside the stellar headliners Michelle Sorensen, David Abraham, and Aziza herself. Siobhan will be teaching two short workshops related to Safe Dance Practice for belly dancers.

Previous Events

KONINGSDAG Online Belly Dance Party featuring Aziza, Badriyah, Amanda Pittoreska and siobhan camille

Drum Solo Secrets: Workshops & Hafla, March 14 2020

Autumn Belly Dance Workshops & Hafla feat. Amanda Rose (ES/US)

Amanda Rose hosted by Greenstone Belly Dance in the Netherlands, October 2019.

Summer Workshops & Hafla feat. Asiyah Suad (NL)

AsiyahSuadinRotterdamGreenstoneBellyDanceHafla copy

Spring Workshops & Hafla feat. Badriyah (CZ/BE)

Learn about Golden Era Belly Dance in Rotterdam with Badriyah, hosted by Greenstone Belly Dance

Winter Workshop & Hafla feat. Shems (USA)

In January 2019 Siobhan and Greenstone Belly Dance had the pleasure of hosting international dancer Shems (USA) for a raqs-al-assaya (saidi) workshop and hafla in Delft.

Copy of Shems Winter Workshop