Upcoming Events (2021)

April: The Dancer’s Toolbox: Online Spring Workshops & Hafla Featuring Danielle Hutton (USA) and Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL)

Online Spring Workshops & Hafla featuring Danielle Hutton (USA) and Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL)!

Registration is now open! Purchase your workshop and hafla tickets here. Read on below for the full schedule and details!

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Event Schedule:

Stage Presence to Captivate Your Audience with Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL) (2 hours)
14:00 – 16:00 CET (Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris) / 8:00 – 10:00 EST (New York). Convert to your timezone here.

Have you ever watched a dancer that was technically excellent, but just not *felt* the performance? Or conversely, loved a performance that was technically a little “sloppy” ? There is a lot that performers of all genres can (and should!) learn about stage presence and how to perform for an audience. In this workshop, we’ll explore movement, posture and mental skills to help you communicate with your audience, no matter what the performance. Through games, discussion, and a lot of experimentation, you’ll come away with tools to help you train the skill of performing!

The Dancer’s Inner Toolbox with Danielle Hutton (USA) (2 hours)
16:30 – 18:30 CET (Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris) / 10:30 – 12:30 EST (New York). Convert to your timezone here.

How many different ways can we explore a shimmy? Where can we create different emphasis in an undulation? In this workshop, we will explore the different ways of approaching our movement. We will work with physical and abstract visualizations to enhance our dancer’s toolbox and find movement that is uniquely ours. The first hour will consist of fun and high-energy drill action and the second hour will be a choreography that we can experiment and play with based on the tools we have discovered.

The Dancer’s Inner Toolbox: Online Spring Hafla featuring Danielle Hutton (USA) and special guest
20:30 onwards (Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris) / 14:30 onwards EST (New York). Convert to your timezone here.

Hafla time (belly dance party!) featuring live streamed performances from Danielle Hutton (USA), Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL), and special guests! Plus, mini-lessons, time for free dancing, and prizes!

April: Exclusive Workshops as part of Aziza’s Year of You, 2021 (Online)

Join into a Year of online community support and guidance from Aziza and select master instructors all invested in bringing out your ultimate dance potential. Siobhan Camille is delighted to have been invited by Aziza to teach Year of You participants exclusive workshops on Safe Dance Practice, Strength, and Flexibility.

Siobhan Camille is thrilled to be selected alongside Issam Houshan, Lisa Zahiya, and Devilla Raks as master instructors in Aziza’s 12 month group mentorship program for belly dancers: Year of You.

Find out more about the Year of You program here.

Upcoming Events (2022)

August 1-7, 2022: Workshops at Aziza’s Endeavor Bellydance Dreamcamp in Quebec, Canada

Siobhan Camille has been invited by Aziza of Montreal to teach at the 2022 Endeavor Dreamcamp from August 1 until August 7. Siobhan Camille is honoured to be teaching alongside the stellar headliners Michelle Sorensen, David Abraham, and Aziza herself. Siobhan will be teaching two short workshops related to Safe Dance Practice for belly dancers.

Previous Events

MUSIC IN MOTION: Online Workshops & Hafla featuring Chudney Raks (USA) and Siobhan Camille (nZ/NL)

Online lecture: Dance Strong: Injury Prevention & imPROVED pERFORMANCE for Belly Dancers

KONINGSDAG Online Belly Dance Party featuring Aziza, Badriyah, Amanda Pittoreska and siobhan camille

Drum Solo Secrets: Workshops & Hafla, March 14 2020

Autumn Belly Dance Workshops & Hafla feat. Amanda Rose (ES/US)

Amanda Rose hosted by Greenstone Belly Dance in the Netherlands, October 2019.

Summer Workshops & Hafla feat. Asiyah Suad (NL)

AsiyahSuadinRotterdamGreenstoneBellyDanceHafla copy

Spring Workshops & Hafla feat. Badriyah (CZ/BE)

Learn about Golden Era Belly Dance in Rotterdam with Badriyah, hosted by Greenstone Belly Dance

Winter Workshop & Hafla feat. Shems (USA)

In January 2019 Siobhan and Greenstone Belly Dance had the pleasure of hosting international dancer Shems (USA) for a raqs-al-assaya (saidi) workshop and hafla in Delft.

Copy of Shems Winter Workshop