MEDANZ 2022 Online Workshop

Drum Tek: Technique for Drum Solos with Siobhan Camille

Join Siobhan Camille of Greenstone Belly Dance for this online pre-recorded workshop: Drum Tek: Technique for Drum Solos!

If you’re looking to:

  • Sharpen up your foundational and intermediate belly dance technique for drum solos
  • Explore multiple ways to create and accent isolations and movements
  • Level up your drum solo technique with more advanced layering challenges
  • Learn combination snippets that can be applied to your own drum solo creations

Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop has 2 hours of content to help you master your technique for drum solos, plus over 30 mintues of bonus content to help you take it to the next level!


Siobhan Camille is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance. Her love of music is equalled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Drawing on her background in exercise science and extensive experience in the sports industry, Siobhan Camille emphasises safe dance technique and teaches students how to ‘find’ and activate muscles to create crisp, clear technique and well-defined movement.

You’ll have access to this workshop until March 16, 2022.

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The Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand has proudly commissioned this content as part of the 2022 MEDANZ Festival. Learn more about the festival here.