Client Testimonials

Strength and Conditioning for Dancers: Client Testimonials

“I have had a great experience in my work with Siobhan. I come from an athletic and dance background and I came to her for a program that worked around the demands of my dance career, my traveling lifestyle and focused my workouts on rehabilitating long term issues and current needs. The programs I received reflected exactly what we had discussed and I feel like they have fit perfectly into my life. The workouts have met the demand of challenging me sufficiently, while also supporting my injuries in a rehabilitative nature. I love the format that I was given for the workouts that allowed me to see how everything was done, easily go back to review should I need clarification, and in a format that I can keep on my phone, computer, or print out. I feel like I made a smart investment in my work with Siobhan and look forward to continued work with a qualified professional that knows how to give me what I want and what I need to support my future goals.”

– Amanda Rose, International Oriental Dance
Instructor, Performer & Choreographer